Sample Appraisal of a Diamond, Platinum Engagement Ring by Jewelry Appraiser Carole C. Richbourg

Sample Appraisal for a
Diamond Engagement Ring
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My hourly rate is $195/hour. A standard appraisal for one item, such as an engagement ring takes approximately 1½ hours from initial interview to finished report.


Arrangements can be made for an on-site examination. Minimum charge for on-site examination is $1,500.00. This travel fee does not include the cost of the appraisal and all it encompasses.


All consultation assignments are billed hourly with or without documentation, which includes, but is not limited to: review of other appraisals, business practices consultation and personal purchase, resale consultation, and lotting for auction.

Estimates on appraisal fees are quoted at the time jewelry items are presented. Although this is only an estimate, prices rarely exceed the original price quoted and any unforeseen difficulties will be communicated to the client if an increased fee is warranted.

Comprehensive reports which include full color digital images and detailed descriptions are sent electronically in secure PDF format.  You can forward the report to any relevant third party, and print as many copies as you require. 

Updates on appraisals take less time, therefore the fee is generally less than the fee paid for the original appraisal.

Consulting (includes travel time)  $195.00/hr
Expert Witness Court Testimony $350.00/hr

Additional Items

Standard items include jewelry or watches that do not require extensive analysis or research. Items such as simple chains or plain wedding bands can often be added for a much smaller amount.