Micromosaic Brooch - Jewelry appraisal by Carole Richbourg

In the process of grading a large antique cushion fancy deep gray-blue diamond with comparison using the World of Color gemstone color-grading system by Gemworld, International

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to leave my jewelry to have it appraised?

For the convenience of my clients, and for an additional fee, I can come to your home, office or bank. Mobile gemological equipment enables me to do my work in almost any environment. I can provide special lighting, and even bring along cleaning supplies if necessary. Although most examinations and data collection can be done in a day, large quantities of jewelry being appraised might require more than one appointment at the site. If we determine that some items should be sent out for additional testing or collaboration with another gemologist, items that are left in my care are fully insured.

How often should I update my appraisals?

Updates become necessary for a variety of reasons. For example, when markets significantly fluctuate, if you are signing with a new insurance company, or have made any significant changes to the jewelry.

I do not send out reminders, but a phone conversation to check on the necessity of an update is offered at no cost to you. If an update is needed, all that I require is to inspect the item(s) to make sure they are still in existence and in good condition.

Research for an update takes the same amount of time as the original appraisal, but new photographs might not be required, and if I still have the previous information, the update charge is generally less than the original appraisal fee. I am required to keep appraisal documents for five years, or two years after any litigation has ended.

Is my jewelry worth appraising? How can I tell?

The decision on what to be appraised should ultimately be determined by the owner, and their insurance professionals, along with the expert knowledge of the appraiser. If you own a piece that you could not afford to replace in a reasonable amount of time, and it is a piece that you frequently wear, like a wedding set, diamond stud earrings or a fine watch, then insuring the item is strongly recommended.

How do I select a jewelry appraiser?

Always ask a prospective appraiser what testing and training they have undergone. Unlike Real Property appraisers, Personal Property appraisers are not regulated and there are many titles that an 'appraiser' can obtain, some of which require extensive training and peer review, and others with few requirements. Remember, quality over quantity. See the Affiliations page for a list of reputable organizations of which I am an active member.

Why should I have my jewelry appraised?

Sometimes you DON’T need an appraisal. Contact me for limited phone consultation, which is complimentary.

Listed below are the most common reasons to have your jewelry appraised by a professional.

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